Olmos Night Deprogrammer (ON-D)

  • Controls parafunctional activity
  • Reduces the forces of clenching and grinding from chronic pain conditions
  • Reduces inflammation (capsulitis)
  • Indicated where there is no suspected Apnoea
  • Designed Digitally and 3D printed in white biocompatible Nylon allowing for a thinner, more comfortable, more durable appliance.
  • Digital fabrication allows for a new appliance to be made if lost.
  • Upper and lower elements are discluded with an anterior pad making crowded and worn teeth no longer a factor
  • Optional nasal dilators or modular tongue positioners.

ON-D (Front view)


ON-D (Side view)

Olmos Night Positioner (ON-P)

  • Combines the design elements of the Deprogammer with an anterior ring to position the mandible whilst supine
  • Improves airway patency when made in the phonetic position
  • Indicated when there is suspected airway compromise or sleep disordered breathing
  • Design of the ring provides a space for the tongue to go at night.

ON-P (Front view)


ON-P (Side view)


Nasal Dilators


Modular tongue positioners